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Drorit PobutaDrorit Pobuta

Drorit started Agoura Power of Yoga because she loves yoga and all that it adds to one's life. It brings peace and harmony, clarity of mind as well as a physically fit body. Her class is geared toward new yogis as well as long time practicing yogis who will enjoy the challenge of power yoga and the music her class has to offer.

Drorit's training was an intensive one in Yoga Therapy by the incredible Gabriela Hansen in Ojai California. Through her training with Gabriela as well her life experience, she combines a very challenging music filled class with the traditional principles of hatha yoga focusing especially on the therapeutic aspects of the breath and the power of the mind.

It is very important to her that she helps guide both old and new into a deep meditation after a tough class that opens the body and prepares the mind to a place of nothingness. This is how true peace is achieved.



Dhana J StevensDhana J Stevens

Dhana teaches thoughtful vinyasa flow that builds through music and is followed by restorative poses to cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion on the yoga mat and in daily life. Along with her sense of humor, she offers individualized modifications and hands-on adjustments to create a balanced and energized practice in every class.

As a professional dancer and choreographer, with a degree in Psychology, Dhana has long been in tune with the power of the mind/body connection. After retiring to raise her family, a sudden life-altering event, inspired a return to teaching and a passion for the healing redemptive power of yoga.

Mentored by Lainie Devina and Jennifer Elliott, Dhana received her 500 hour RYT certification from YogaWorks. She credits her very first yoga teacher, Drorit Pobuta for inspiring her to follow this path and Dhana is honored to be a returning home to teach at Agoura Power of Yoga.

"I want to share what has made my life profoundly better. I love to create a safe space where my students can open their hearts, embrace themselves, let go and live in the moment."



Emily BromsEmily Broms

Yoga is about staying in balance even when life throws us off- which it often does. My classes are designed to help you find that balance through movement, breath, and mental state, and bring you into the present moment-- all to a soundtrack of classic soul and rock and roll music. When I'm not teaching at the studio, I teach yoga and mindfulness at addiction rehabs. My classes are appropriate for all levels.





Kari OstrovskyKari Ostrovsky

I started my yoga journey January of 2013 in Cleveland Ohio, after a bad breakup. At the time, I was a single mom to my beautiful daughter Teagan, managing a Starbucks downtown and decided it was time to do something for myself. A year later I found myself in stunning southern California and married. What better time to pursue my passion? I became a certified 200 RYT and pregnant with my son right around the time I graduated. July 3rd, Lincoln graced the world with his presence. Now a wife and mother of two, I still carve out the time to make it to my mat and will hopefully motivate you to do the same.

I have a history and training in gymnastics, classical ballet and even cheerleading. I love to teach flow style yoga to fun upbeat music. I tell my students their breath is their tempo. My goal is for you to leave class sweaty, relaxed and enthusiastic for more. I like to keep class challenging with a laid back vibe, always giving options for modifications or progression.



Natalie BackmanNatalie Backman

Originally from Washington State, Natalie has explored her yoga practice coast to coast from Seattle to New York to LA. Having settled here in the summer of 2013, Natalie turned her decade long practice into a career which she is entirely devoted to. She became a 200RYT through Inner Power Yoga in Woodland Hills, and immediately dove into teaching. She is currently working toward becoming a 500RYT in Sankalpa Shakti Vinyasa with Tracee Stanley. In addition to teaching for several local studios, Natalie also works with several private clients, including the Calabasas High School Boys Soccer team.

Natalie teaches a powerful, flow oriented class with an emphasis on strength and alignment. She is committed to empowering her students through increased self-awareness, which she believes firmly will ultimately lead to self-love. A consistent practice with Natalie will provide you with a strong foundation in yoga principles, increased strength and flexibility, a quieter mind and a deeper appreciation for your Self and your life. Be prepared to laugh and sweat and come back for more! Natalie is also the founder of IMAGINE Fest, a community oriented yoga and live music festival which raises funds and awareness in support of Unlikely Heroes, a local non-profit rescuing and rehabilitating child victims of sex trafficking.




Matt FuscaldoMatt Fuscaldo

The best way for me to describe how I feel when I practice yoga and meditation is to compare myself to a snow globe. My body may start out feeling vulnerable while moving, shaking, and bending in all different directions, but then my mind settles everything down into a clear, calm, and fully connected state of being. While I have spent 15 years privately coaching people on how to recover from injuries using the most progressive techniques in nutrition & movement, it was not until I practiced yoga and meditation that my body truly felt free. At 41 yrs old I finally learned how to relax, exercise became more playful again, and I am now able to naturally tap into my pleasure frequency. It is really all about the breath. When you learn how to control your breathing, your relationship to your body and the world will change. You will start to listen to the RYTHM of your body. Now instead of beating it into submission to get in shape, you will know just how much it needs, and how hard and fast it wants to move. When you hear the now cliche term connect your Mind&Body, your breath is the one component that truly achieves that connection. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach something that has allowed me to embrace my vulnerability, reconnect to my creative side, and undoubtably changed the course of my life forever.



Yuri RifkindYuri Rifkind

Yuri has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years. He spends a couple hours every day doing Kundalini and/or Hatha yoga, chanting, and meditating. While still a very imperfect human being, he has seen vast improvements in his life and personal relationships from his practice. He loves sharing with others what he has learned, as well as learning from his teachers and students.





Tiffany Howard
Tiffany Howard

I am a hatha yoga teacher, passionate and energetic about sharing this practice we call yoga.. I draw from my life experiences as a criminal trial attorney, mediator, wife and mother. I teach because when I found yoga, the seductress that she is, what began as another form of “working out” quickly became a form of “working in” and changed my life. I discovered the road to my SELF. I knew it was a great excuse to spend my days in my favorite space, sharing that journey with others.

My classes are fun! I strive to have you feel like you hit the trifecta of mind, body and spiritual work. There’s breath work, sankulpa (intention setting), and mediation all while moving and grooving and flowing to great tunes. You might even laugh! All you need is a 5x2 mat, and you can let go, get happy, minimize life’s stresses and find resolution and peace within the smallest of spaces. One thing’s certain, you’ll leave feeling better than when you walked in the door.


Holly UmannHolly Umann

Holly Umann teaches a style of Hatha Yoga Vinyasa with a blessing of energized peace, and personal rejuvenation to bring the balance of your mind, body, and spirit into a position of attainment.

Through the honor of expert guidance of Paul Grilley and Scott Blossom, she has attained the understanding of the Anatomy of Yoga East-West Physiology. In an effort to always acquire a more in depth balance, and learning, Holly has mastered the Advanced Studies and Freedom Style Yoga with the instruction of Erich Schiffmann (world renown teacher, and author), and has studied The History of Yoga with Paul Muller-Ortega. Her love for Yoga and the personal path it opens to others gave her the calling to become an instructor. She continued in her pursuit of learning, in an effort to bring the transformation of Yoga to others, by training in Iyengar Yoga with Lisa Walford (Studies of Iyengar Yoga in India). Holly continued to further her instruction studies with Heather Tiddens at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in the Yoga Teacher Training Program Practicum.

Holly comes to you with an open heart, mind, and an amazing energy. Namaste!


Zach Wagner

Zach Wagner

Zach’s classes are geared for any student desiring a deep level of physical and mental well-being, while promoting strength, flexibility and relaxation. He creates a safe and inviting environment where the beginning student will feel free to discover their ability, and the advanced yoga practitioner or serious athlete can realize their full potential.

A serious skateboarder since the age of eleven, Zach began his yoga practice in order to improve his physical balance and mental focus. He soon found that yoga had not only transformed his body, but his mind and spirit as well. He began his teacher training at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute, living and studying at the ashram. Later, he studied under Swami Asokanda at the Quinta De Calma Yoga Center near Faro, Portugal, expanding his knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology.

Zach teaches a variety of Hatha levels and vinyasa flow, providing students with personal attention and encouragement. He can modify each asana to fit individual needs and skill levels, and also provides instruction in pranayama (breathing practices), deep relaxation and meditation. In each session, Zach attempts to promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of his students, allowing each of them to come in touch with deeper and more subtle aspects of their being.

Spencer HezzelwoodSpencer Hezzelwood

I feel blessed to have found yoga through my teachers, and I want to share the blessing with others. The physical practice is the gateway to self-healing and self-transformation, to knowing oneself better, loving oneself better, and loving the whole world better. It can work for anybody, regardless of physical abilities. I am passionate about teaching to new students because I was a new student myself just a couple of years ago. I never would have expected what yoga has done for me. That's why I want to share it.

My goal as a teacher is, above all else, to meet my students exactly where they are at, because that is the only place where growth can occur. That is what my teachers have always done for me, and that is what I strive to do for my students. And on a more basic level, I just want people to leave my class feeling a little better than they did when they walked in.



Janean CookJanean Cook

Janean first found yoga in her early 20's. Yoga was always that safe place she could go to let go, to grow, and to learn. After years of her own practice she first became certified in San Diego teaching Power Flow Yoga, and received her second certificate focusing on alignment, strength and breath. Add in her love for music and you're bound to feel a soulful flow of yoga.

"Yoga has taught me strength, flexibility, and truth. It is my goal teach others how to find their own inner strength, the ability to be flexible and to speak their own truth through yoga. Finding the connection with breath to movement and breath in stillness is where the magic happens. "



Carly HendersonCarly Henderson

Carly is an empath on a mission, with a fiery flare. Working with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds - her instructional style embodies optimism, adventurousness, power, and utmost care. Raised in the world of Olympic development-level competitive sports, and having worked in emergency and rehabilitative medical care, she has seen it all, and understands the unique gifts, needs, and limits of her human family.

A unique pre-med yogini, she has conducted in-depth study of positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation, exercise science, anatomy & physiology, and behavioral therapy. Her qualifications include 14 years of Yoga experience, RYT-200 & RYT-500hr Advanced Yoga training, an Australian National Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness (personal trainer), and certification as a Classical Pilates & Barre Instructor from the I.B.A.

With Carly, life is always seen as a journey worth living, where anything is possible. Limits will be explored with support, careful precision, a sense of humor, and a joyful spirit.


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