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Drorit RudinDrorit Rudin

Drorit started Agoura Power of Yoga because she loves yoga and all that it adds to one's life. It brings peace and harmony, clarity of mind as well as a physically fit body. Her class is geared toward new yogis as well as long time practicing yogis who will enjoy the challenge of power yoga and the music her class has to offer.

Drorit's training was an intensive one in Yoga Therapy by the incredible Gabriela Hansen in Ojai California. Through her training with Gabriela as well her life experience, she combines a very challenging music filled class with the traditional principles of hatha yoga focusing especially on the therapeutic aspects of the breath and the power of the mind.

It is very important to her that she helps guide both old and new into a deep meditation after a tough class that opens the body and prepares the mind to a place of nothingness. This is how true peace is achieved.



Dafna TobiDafna Tobi

Dafna is registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level and is specialized in Yoga Therapy. Such studies and certifications provided Dafna with the tools and ability to recognize and adapted to each individual's specific needs no matter how unique. In her teachings Dafna places a great emphasis on the practice of breath while implementing soothing encouraging music. Dafna’s classes include Therapeutic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Alignment- Oriented Yoga. In each of her classes, Dafna encourages serenity, flexibility and strength.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, from a young age, Dafna was a competitive Windsurfer and was deeply connected to nature. At the age of 15, Dafna’s hard work, dedication, patience and bravery earned her a third place in Israel’s national windsurfing championship. As an accomplished athlete, Dafna developed her physical and mental endurance, by training under the most strenuous conditions.

Dafna moved to California when she was eighteen to attend college. She graduated with a B.S in applied mathematics and she got her MBA from Pepperdine University. Dafna discovered a passion for Yoga while obtaining her MBA. Dafna learned that Yoga strengthened her mind, body and soul and it provided her with confidence, courage and passion to conquer the world as it. Indeed, Yoga became Dafna’s way of life, a way that she is eager to share with each of her students.



Rahm SharifiRahm Sharifi

Rahm began his search for peace at an early age, growing up in Los Angeles. From martial arts to cello, and rock climbing to oil painting, he always has been eager to take up and excel in new disciplines to focus the mind and body. It was when he stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time, that it all came together as a physically and mentally challenging form of self expression that needed no competitive drive, and he never left the mat.

Having been guided to complete and help facilitate 4 teacher trainings in Power Yoga, and several Yoga Sculpt teacher trainings, Rahm has fully dedicated himself to enjoying and exploring the gifts of yoga and self exploration that have been - and constantly are - shared with him, with practitioners of all levels. He offers challenging and fun classes, with a rhythmic nature that incite focus on breath to tap into your strength.

Rahm finds great joy in meeting new yogis and experienced ones, alike. He takes every class as an opportunity to start fresh, and to learn something new. When he's not on the mat, you can find him cooking or working on film and photography on either side of the camera. He loves dogs, and has an obsession with balancing things where they shouldn't be balanced.


Natasha MellmanNatasha Mellman

Natasha is a passionate, life-loving yogi with a sense of adventure on and off the mat. She sees yoga as a journey of transformation, exploration and celebration with benefits that reach far beyond the mat. Or as she puts it in simpler terms …. “Learn about yourself, feel great doing it, stress less and love more!”

She is grateful to have had amazing teachers and profound experiences that have inspired her passion and deep appreciation for the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga and is excited to share her love for this amazing, healing and all-encompassing practice.

An eternal student of life, Natasha is committed to new and fresh ways to inspire and engage those around her to have their own experience of yoga and be hooked on all the wonders the practice has to offer. With attention to alignment and an awareness of subtle energies, her intention is to facilitate an experience on the mat that challenges the body, quiets the mind, awakens the heart and inspires the soul.



Glenn CrockerGlenn Crocker

Glenn found yoga while celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife. He had no idea that yoga would become a central part of his life from that day on. Through a daily practice and teaching yoga, Glenn has found a true home on his mat and in the studio.

Glenn was born and raised in Southern California. When he is not in the yoga studio trying a new handstand variation or arm balance you may find him spending time with his wife and boys or surfing his home break at Malibu. Glenn earned his 200 hour certification to teach yoga in 2013 and has found a deeper respect for his practice and for his teachers. No matter what it is you can be sure that Glenn brings his biggest smile to any activity. His calm, confident tone, and strength of character and body have made Glenn's journey to yoga a natural fit.



Natalie BackmanNatalie Backman

Natalie has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade, having transitioned from her former life as a dancer. After six years in New York, Natalie moved to Southern California for an upgrade in quality of life and earned her Yoga teaching certification along the way. She teaches a variety of classes from Agoura to Calabasas to Woodland Hills, and is currently developing a sportspecific yoga program for teenage athletes at Calabasas High.

In addition to yoga, Natalie is a Holistic Health Counselor – offering guidance through nutritional counseling and goal coaching. Beyond the many physical benefits of yoga, Natalie is most passionately compelled to share the impact yoga can haveon the mind and the soul. One breath at a time.


Ryan BatisteRyan Batiste

Ryan discovered yoga at the age of 6 when his father brought him along to a Bryan Kest class in Santa Monica above the Radio Shack store. He left the class feeling sick and miserable because it was extremely hot and sweaty. During his high school years he was reintroduced to yoga. Ryan was immediately drawn to the endless physical and mental benefits of his practice.

After struggling with substance abuse throughout his teen years, he eventually sought the road to recovery. He continues to take the time to heal his body and mind through his daily practice of meditation and asana (poses). Ryan has taken a teacher training with Rudy Mettia and Travis Eliot as well as having studied with Steve Ross and Tom Morley. Today his practice supports his spiritual growth as well as his physical well being and has created a place of peace and understanding. Ryan’s wish is to share that with others throughout his life.



Howie BaralHowie Baral

Howie, one of the oldest of the new young yoga teachers, is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha yoga instructor. He has studied many forms of yoga from Kundalini to Ashstanga, but his passion is in the physical practice of Hatha yoga, often called Vinyasa or Power Yoga.

To Howie, power yoga’s dynamic physical practice requires dedication, stamina, patience, strength, and focus, but most of all, it requires utilizing the powerful yoga breath work, called ujjayi pranayama breath, or victorious breath, which is the doorway to meditation. With over 12 years of practice and training with some of the top yoga teachers, including Rudy Mettia, Bryan Kest, and Drorit Rudin, Howie brings his own unique style and humor to his classes.

Yoga means union or balance and to Howie, he believes balancing our mental life with our physical life is critical for good health. Physical exercise has always been a part of Howie’s life, from gymnastics in high school and college to 15 years of Tae Kwon Do while earning a black belt, but yoga has been the most challenging and rewarding for Howie. When Howie is not teaching yoga, on Sundays for fun, you will often find him at Santa Monica beach flying on the rings! Be prepared for a strong class for both beginners and advanced, all taught with safety and mindfulness at the top of the list.


Astrid KastenbergAstrid Kastenberg

Astrid Kastenberg is a Corporate Executive and Yoga Instructor.  She started her mat practice over 23 years ago, studying and practicing all of the core classic styles.  Inspired to teach, by her mentor  Bryan Kest , she completed Erich Schiffman’s Yoga Teacher Training. Erich encouraged her to move forward with the unique style of teaching, she has become known for; “Practice With A Message”. In 2013, Astrid Studied with Tamal Dodge, completing  his Teacher Training Course,  and receiving her RYT. Practice With A Message was coined 13 years ago.  Astrid uses the healing power of inspirational words and prose, while leading the asana flow. The messages help the students to quiet their mental noise and live in the possibility of their profound  personal strength, love and courage.

Astrid believes that our teachers are everywhere and credits herson's, Austin and Aidan as being her Angelic guides and best Teachers . Her unique style, mirrors her passion to helping others learn how to heal themselves through the practice of yoga. Her classes are an eclectic Vinyasa Flow, which includes meditation, mantra and music.


Dawn StilloDawn Stillo

Originally from Issaquah WA, I moved to LA on a jazz dance scholarship, soon I was dancing internationally, MANY years ago…My latest sport of choice is tennis. I am the current singles and doubles champion at North ranch Country Club, although I am not that good, I showed up and competed. I still compete on various local teams.I have practiced yoga for 25 years, when tennis started to take the front seat, my body paid the price on the pavement. I needed 2-3 Advil to walk on the court, braces on both knees, and my right arm. Balancing out tennis with yoga has not only healed my body, but continues to keep me in awe of it's healing qualities of the mind, body, and spirit.

I teach a strong, alignment based class, keeping you safe. Infused with yoga philosophy in an aim to expand self-imposed limitations. I am fortunate to have a diverse roster of private, pro-athlete, and corporate clients. I volunteer empowering youth through yoga at Hope Gardens, a division of Union Rescue Mission, and local High School Sports teams. My appreciation is through the roof with all the jewels in my life. 500RYT, Lululemon Ambassador.






Brian HymanBrian Hyman

Brian began practicing yoga as a means to stretch in 2003. He had no desire to develop a spiritual practice or teach. However, when he quickly became quite strong and balanced on his mat, he recognized that yoga was no longer just a way to stretch, but a path to wellness, wholeness, and Inner Peace.

"When I step onto my mat, time and space no longer exist. My mat is a magic carpet upon which I find complete stillness. When I teach, I share these ideas and encourage students to leave the past and future where they belong. Yoga is practiced in the present. We can only honor and respect mind, body, and Spirit by practicing in the now. I love this quote from the Upanishads: 'When the five senses are stilled, when the mind is stilled, when the intellect is stilled, that is called the highest state by the wise. They say yoga is this complete stillness.' "

Brian's classes are taught from a Holistic viewpoint, utilizing elements of Bhakti, Tantra, and Ayurveda to connect mind-body-Spirit. Hatha-based, these classes flow in a strong Vinyasa style, and include dynamic asana, adjustments, kriyas, mudras, pranayama, and subtle body work to energize and balance the chakras, meridians, and nadis. Yogic philosophy is discussed during classes. Special playlists and live music (guitar, harmonium) are utilized.


Tiffany Howard
Tiffany Howard

I am a hatha yoga teacher, passionate and energetic about sharing this practice we call yoga.. I draw from my life experiences as a criminal trial attorney, mediator, wife and mother. I teach because when I found yoga, the seductress that she is, what began as another form of “working out” quickly became a form of “working in” and changed my life. I discovered the road to my SELF. I knew it was a great excuse to spend my days in my favorite space, sharing that journey with others.

My classes are fun! I strive to have you feel like you hit the trifecta of mind, body and spiritual work. There’s breath work, sankulpa (intention setting), and mediation all while moving and grooving and flowing to great tunes. You might even laugh! All you need is a 5x2 mat, and you can let go, get happy, minimize life’s stresses and find resolution and peace within the smallest of spaces. One thing’s certain, you’ll leave feeling better than when you walked in the door.



Alison BristowAlison Bristow

Alison Bristow has been a Yoga practitioner for over a decade and a spiritual seeker all her life. Her practice began in the sweaty rooms of a Bikram Yoga studio in New York City where she had the first glimpses of how the benefits of yoga extend far beyond the mat. She draws from a variety of Yoga traditions including Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. Integrating breath awareness and a mindful asana practice, Alison sees Yoga as a gateway leading each student to a tangible experience of the divinity within. In her classes, she incorporates subtle metaphors that encourage students to take the deeper lessons of their practice beyond the studio door and apply them in everyday life.




Julie KundertJulie Kundert

Julie Kundert has been inspired by the power and grace of yoga sense 1998. She was introduced to the practice during a much needed time for healing and self empowerment. As her journey continued to unfold she discovered a great love for teaching. She has received her 500 hour yoga alliance certification from yoga works. She has studied with some of the finest teachers such as Kia Miller, Lisa Walford and Jennifer Elliott to name a few.

Julie is also a trained advocate and public speaker on behalf of the Valley Cares Family Justice Center. She teaches yoga and pranayama breathing techniques to the amazing staff that work there. As one of the ambassadors for Lululemon in Calabasas she has been given the opportunity and privilege to teach for her beloved community as well. Julie is also the founder and creator of the Ahimsa Foundation seeking peace and healing for all those that suffer in violent homes. The foundation helps to raise funds and awareness towards self empowerment and transformation through the beauty and power of yoga.

Julies classes are led with compassion, humor and great respect for her students. She emphasizes on the power of the breath and fluid movement of the body. She entices her students to discover deep within themselves for their own strength and authenticity. She believes that yoga is a practice that we continue to experience on our mats as well as into the world.


Holly UmannHolly Umann

Holly Umann teaches a style of Hatha Yoga Vinyasa with a blessing of energized peace, and personal rejuvenation to bring the balance of your mind, body, and spirit into a position of attainment.

Through the honor of expert guidance of Paul Grilley and Scott Blossom, she has attained the understanding of the Anatomy of Yoga East-West Physiology. In an effort to always acquire a more in depth balance, and learning, Holly has mastered the Advanced Studies and Freedom Style Yoga with the instruction of Erich Schiffmann (world renown teacher, and author), and has studied The History of Yoga with Paul Muller-Ortega. Her love for Yoga and the personal path it opens to others gave her the calling to become an instructor. She continued in her pursuit of learning, in an effort to bring the transformation of Yoga to others, by training in Iyengar Yoga with Lisa Walford (Studies of Iyengar Yoga in India). Holly continued to further her instruction studies with Heather Tiddens at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in the Yoga Teacher Training Program Practicum.

Holly comes to you with an open heart, mind, and an amazing energy. Namaste!



Zach WagnerZach Wagner

Zach’s classes are geared for any student desiring a deep level of physical and mental well-being, while promoting strength, flexibility and relaxation. He creates a safe and inviting environment where the beginning student will feel free to discover their ability, and the advanced yoga practitioner or serious athlete can realize their full potential.

A serious skateboarder since the age of eleven, Zach began his yoga practice in order to improve his physical balance and mental focus. He soon found that yoga had not only transformed his body, but his mind and spirit as well. He began his teacher training at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute, living and studying at the ashram. Later, he studied under Swami Asokanda at the Quinta De Calma Yoga Center near Faro, Portugal, expanding his knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology.

Zach teaches a variety of Hatha levels and vinyasa flow, providing students with personal attention and encouragement. He can modify each asana to fit individual needs and skill levels, and also provides instruction in pranayama (breathing practices), deep relaxation and meditation. In each session, Zach attempts to promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of his students, allowing each of them to come in touch with deeper and more subtle aspects of their being.



Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson, ERYT, found her personal practice of yoga in 1996 and has been a teacher since 2000. Certifications received from Sarah Powers and a 300 hour general and advanced teacher training from The Yoga Tree in her native city Seattle, Washington began her continued commitment as a student of yoga . In 2005, Jessica Co-Directed the first 200 hour yoga alliance registered teacher training held in the Conejo Valley.

As a student, Jessica's practice is rooted in the traditional Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and meditation as well as Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga. Her lifelong investigation of direct experience through svadhaya (self study) is the main support for her path but she continues to draws inspiration from master teachers, a minimum of four retreats a year and her sangha (yoga community). In 2005, Jessica became a second level Reiki energy practitioner to enhance her understanding of the subtle body. To balance the spiritual teachings of the East and develop an understanding of the human mind, she is currently a full-time student of Psychology .

Like a dance, Jessica's group classes blend physical alignment, core strength and mindfulness in a fluid rhythm using breath and intention as the underlying current for the practice. Through metta (loving kindness) and sharing her love of poetry, she encourages and empowers students? inner wisdom to guide them towards the gradual realization of their own inherent nature of body/heart/mind!


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